Kid’s Bath Reno

It is kind of funny how I found my latest client. She is a friend and colleague of the Cutie Casita client that I am finishing up with now (pics are coming soon!!!) She approached me in order to “just get my opinion” and see if she was “making any mistakes.” I told her, very gently, that the light fixture she picked was probably too elegant and glamorous for the bathroom she was remodeling for her boys. She protested and explained that she LOVED that light fixture. As an act of generosity and charity, I told her that choosing this light was going to be the single biggest mistake of her life and bring SHAME to her entire family!!! Continue reading “Kid’s Bath Reno”

Summertime Escape 

You should know, dear readers, that I have a horrible affliction. The greatest difficulty of my condition is not the associated pain I experience, but the guilt that I feel for the anguish it causes my husband every time my sickness rears its ugly head. For he has to sit idly by, helpless, and watch me suffer through yet another exhausting episode with my disease. It is completely unbearable for him. What is this dreadful condition which brings so much agony to my family and me? I will tell you. In my mind we are always moving to a new place, whatever is the last place we went for our vacation. Every single time we are visiting some new destination, I am looking up real estate and scoping out neighborhoods. My mind considers the glorious possibilities of being within walking distance of charming cafes and sublime restaurants, near beautiful and majestic landscapes, and living within the walls of impressive historical architecture while church bells chime in the distance. It’s true! I fall down this rabbit hole each and every time we take a vacation. Continue reading “Summertime Escape “

Cutie Casita

One of my very dear friends just bought her very own house. I am so proud of her, and I just love the layout of her home. It is going to be such a little jewel by the time she gets it all fixed up. She has a really cute little back yard with a dreamy palm tree. It’s not too big, and not too small -just the right size.
Continue reading “Cutie Casita”

I’m back for good this time

I want to apologize to all of my followers. Yes, to both of you (hi mom!). You have subscribed to my blog because you want to see the content that I post. Yet I have not posted anything in, like, 2017. And its June! I am going to do better. For now, please enjoy these pics of the new cabinets I installed in my kitchen back in January. I am in love with the marble, and the pot filler was such an awesome steal!

Drawers > Doors

If there is one thing I came to understand in my career as a kitchen designer it is that drawers > doors. Think about it. It is so much easier to pull open a drawer and look down on what is inside than it is to peer into a deep dark cabinet with that stupid little top shelf that is half the depth of the cabinet. Who the heck can see what is in the back of the cabinet under that little shelf? If this is where you keep your pots and pans, you know that it is a disaster inside that cabinet. But drawers, glorious drawers! The organizational potential is limitless if you ask me. Continue reading “Drawers > Doors”