Mission: Kitchen Completion

Here it is! I have talked about starting a blog for over a year, and thinking about it for even longer. I am finally sticking my toe in the water, so please bear with me while I “find my voice” as they say. This is a place where I plan to share thoughts, ideas, and pictures about what inspires me. I hope you find something interesting here. I live in Florida with my husband and dog, Sean and Clover respectively. I love nature, travel, art, music, and design.

Currently, we are working on remodeling our kitchen.  Actually, completing our kitchen might be a better way of putting it.  We bought our house as a foreclosure two years ago, and there are plenty of things we need to do to make the house complete and finished.  I really want to tear out everything in the kitchen and start over, but sadly money is not no object. Not to worry, what I have to start with really doesn’t look that bad – it’s just not as functional as I would like.So for now, I just need to bring in a couple of cabinets on either side of the range, and do something to finish off the ugly hood situation we have going. Then I am thinking open shelves on either side of the range hood.  Beautiful stone countertops, throw a pot filler up there, and the kitchen is perfect. Right?

The island looks okay, but I need to finish off the hood, area around the fridge, and put some cabinets around the range.
Please note – placing your dishwasher in the laundry room does not upgrade the room to a butler’s pantry. It does make doing the dishes a colossal pain, though. Also, please don’t mind the gaping hole next to the washer. That is where a broken ice maker used to live when we first moved in. Now it’s a black hole where we store a bunch of junk. This will have to be addressed another time.

I wish.

The previous owners had a huge 4 foot wide, 7 foot tall fridge. And they built it in, which looked really nice, I am sure.  But they didn’t leave the fridge, so now I have a huge gaping hole with a much smaller fridge.  I am not inclined to spend $7K on a bigger Sub-Zero style fridge, so I need to build that area in with cabinets.

Currently, I am using the void to house my step ladder and broom.

Also, why do all of the pot fillers I like cost over a thousand dollars!?! Ditto for the faucets.  Ditto for the countertop slabs.

How gorgeous is this though? It’s a quartzite. I love the dramatic black veins against the white. Some people don’t like that the veins move vertically instead of horizontally, but I think it is so fabulous. It also is in the “premium” price range on a scale of entry to premium. Soooooo, probably cannot afford that.
A fabulous black marble. I love the look, but marble is easily patinafied. Which is to say scratched or stained or chiped or otherwise damaged. Designers like to call this damage, “patina”.

Cabinets should be easy.  I would like to go with a simple shaker style or maybe even a slab front. But color?!?! Ugh.  I really think I want to paint my existing white cabinets a rich, deep green, and do a beautiful wood on either side of the range. But the truth is, you really don’t see the cabinets by the range unless you are standing in front of them since the island blocks them from view. Also, the wood I crave is something exotic and beautiful that is not easily found unless you are having custom cabinets built. But still, I will have my two tone kitchen! And I am over white.  I don’t want white cabinets any more.  I think they are beautiful, but I have had them for a long time (my old kitchen was white too) and I am ready for a change. Some drama. So if I don’t do wood cabinets, I am thinking maybe a charcoal with a little bit of brown in it? Black? I don’t think I want to do a true grey (gray? Why are there two spellings for that word, and which spelling is the American one?)   Thoughts on color? I really feel like I should do a neutral color/wood on the new cabinets by the range, and bring in the color on the existing cabinets.

This is the vibe I am feeling.

Any thoughts? Please share!


I'm Allison McCowan, and I live in Florida with my husband, Sean, and our dog, Clover. I am inspired by music, art, books, design, and nature. This is a place for me to share my ideas, my vibe, and my observations.

One thought on “Mission: Kitchen Completion

  1. The artifacts you chose for your photo collage are all beautiful, like a period home with classic, traditional styling. I love the colors, and I love the idea of the rich wood alongside the green and the white marble. Those hues remind me of two amazing things: money and the forest. All the elements are beautiful in their own right, especially that curved drawer, and they add an elegant, expensive look to the collection.


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