Garden Tour at Huntington Library

We are on vacation in California this week!!! My husband had a work conference in Vegas, and since he was already going to be out west we decided to take a holiday on that side of the country. I flew out to Los Angeles on Thursday where he joined me Friday evening after his convention.  I have a very dear friend who recently moved out here, and we are visiting her while we are out this way. I have to say so far, everything has been amazing! She has taken us to delicious restaurants and we have seen some beautiful places. The only bummer is that I am sick. I have some bug that just cannot shake. I went to the doctor before I left and got some antibiotics, and I honestly was feeling better before I left. But the funk is back and it is worse than before! However, I refuse to let a little bug get in the way of my fun. I am pushing through it. Continue reading “Garden Tour at Huntington Library”