Green Thumb Wannabe

I am having MAJOR anxiety! We are supposed to be “planning” our landscape. I feel like there is no plan. Well, it is actually much more accurate to say that there is literally no plan. We are planning to go up to a nursery to look around at plants tomorrow, but how can we pick plants? We don’t have a plan! I don’t want to just pick some pretty things that look great in the pot, but don’t have any impact in the yard. Which, by the way, I don’t know if you read my post about my trip to Bellingrath Gardens, but my expectations are unrealistically high after visiting that place. Continue reading “Green Thumb Wannabe”

A Tribute to Stephen Hawking

I cannot write the fitting tribute that Stephen Hawking deserves. Still, I would like to try.  Impressive as his professional career was it cannot be overstated how inspirational of a man he was to the disabled community, which so often is overlooked and forgotten by society. It is astounding to me any man who could not control his own body and lacked the physical strength to even be able to speak could accomplish so much. He was told at the age of 21 that he had only 3 years left to live when he was diagnosed with ALS. Yet he managed to survive to the ripe old age of 76! It is impossible to review the span of his life and not be touched by the amount of adversity he had to overcome just to get through a day, much less make significant new discoveries in the way modern physics came to understand black holes. Continue reading “A Tribute to Stephen Hawking”

It’s all happening now!

It all started one early spring afternoon in 2014 when Sean and I were walking our dog, Clover. We were walking our usual route, and I noticed that there was house under construction on a cul-de-sac off of the road we were walking. We never would turn down onto that circle, it felt too intrusive and private for us to stray into. But it was shady with lots of trees, and very pretty. Since there was a house under construction, I said I wanted to go check out the permit box to see who the builder was. We walked over to the site, I checked the permit box, and then we noticed something you couldn’t see from the main road. A forclosure sign in the front yard of a large house at the very back of the circle. We were curious, and walked up to the house, and peered in through the double French doors on the front of the house. We were impressed. High ceilings, wood floors, shiplap walls, a fireplace, open concept living/kitchen. Continue reading “It’s all happening now!”

Bellingrath Gardens

In this part of the south, we have a spectacular flower season.  Late in the year, during the month of November, ornamental camellia trees start to flower. My hometown is called the Camellia City, and a multitude of varieties burst with colors of white, pink, and crimson all through the winter until March when the last of the bloomers begin to fade. Before the camellia bloom completely fades, in late February the azalea buds start to open. Azaleas grow well down here in the panhandle of Florida; they love our acidic soil. At the same time, wisteria vines you never would have noticed during the rest of the year gracefully drape themselves over the landscape. The humidity is low, the temperatures are mild, and the community spirits are high. I think it is the prettiest time of year here. Continue reading “Bellingrath Gardens”