International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day to celebrate the movement for women’s rights. When I think back on all that has happened since the last International Women’s Day, and I am astounded. I am so happy to see the Me Too movement, the brave women who have spoken out about their experiences, and the outpouring of support for all these women. At the same time though, it makes me extraordinarily sad. While I am certainly happy to see the support for the women who have come forward, spoken out, received support, and finally seen (in a some cases) their abusers held accountable; it is horrible that these women were ever subjected to this abuse. I truly hope that there is a change in our culture, and that men and women will work together to foster a culture where these types of abuses are not tolerated. Yet today, I know there are still countless women still subjected to discrimination, retaliation, abuse, and harassment. It is shameful and sad.

So today, when we celebrate the movement for women’s rights, I want to remember that it is important to speak out and speak up! When the supposedly harmless sexist joke is made, when the buttocks is slapped, when the comment is made…whenever or wherever you see women being harmed in any way – big or small. Please remember that is up to all of us to keep fighting for change. As women, we must advocate for each other, protect each other, and support each other. Don’t turn a blind eye, and don’t remain silent! Be the change you want to see.


I'm Allison McCowan, and I live in Florida with my husband, Sean, and our dog, Clover. I am inspired by music, art, books, design, and nature. This is a place for me to share my ideas, my vibe, and my observations.

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